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Myth of Calories In & Calories Out - It Doesn't Work!

Many of us believe that if we reduce our caloric intake and workout (burning more calories than we eat), then we lose weight. So, let say you want to lose 1 lb in 1 week. You would simply cut your calories by 3500 that week and BAM, you lose a pound. But, that’s not what happened; you didn’t lose 1 pound, instead you may have gained weight. And you’ve done […]

Meet the Ultimate Body Challengers

Meet the Ultimate Body Boot Camp Ultimate Body Challengers The Ultimate Body Challenge is an annual weight loss competition complete with unlimited nutrition coaching, nutrition education seminars, diverse workouts, cardio programs, life coaching, goal achieving workshops and so much more.  Each person that signs up for the challenge is committed to creating some serious change in their body by learning how to be the healthiest they can be.  Ultimately, our […]

Bulletproof® Coffee

Use the lowest toxin, highest performance coffee there is, brew it, and then blend unsalted grass-fed butter into it. Yes, butter. All the benefits of healthy milk fat with none of the damaging denatured casein proteins found in cream. It makes for the creamiest, most satisfying cup of coffee you’ve ever had. It will keep you satisfied with level energy for 6 hours if you need it. And because you’re […]

5 Key Steps to Reaching Your Goals

Set a goal that Inspires You One of the biggest reasons people fail to reach their goal is that the result wasn’t really something they desired. Often times, the goal just didn’t line up with their core values – it didn’t speak to them and it wouldn’t significantly impact their lives. While people set goals for a number of reasons, idle goals are usually set because of someone else’s expectation, […]